Predefined bookmarks -- would select with the Bookmark Goto command:   Return to List

ActiveDocument.Bookmarks("\para").Select' Selects an entire paragraph (very handy)
"\Cell"' current cell in the table (the one containing the insertion point)
"\Char"' current character
"\EndOfDoc"' The end of the document.
"\EndOfSel"' end of current selection
"\HeadingLevel"' The current heading (the heading containing the insertion point).
"\Line"' The first line of the current selection (if there is one); otherwise, the line on which the insertion point resides.
"\Page"' The current page (the page containing the insertion point), or the first page if there is a selection that spans two or more pages.
"\Para"' current paragraph
"\PrevSel1"' (that's Sel & number 1) = most recent selection (equiv. to running Goback statement once)
"\PrevSel2"' second most recent selection (running Goback twice)
"\Section"' The current section (the section containing the insertion point).
"\StartOfDoc"' The beginning of the document.
"\StartOfSel"' start of current selection
"\Table"' The current table (the table containing the insertion point or current selection).

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