Getting the ChildNode info in a Treeview Control:   Return to List

    Option Base 1
    Dim aryChildInfo()
    . . .
    . . .
    ' First we'll acquire the Node Key of the Selected Node
    Set xNod = Treeview1.HitTest(x, y)
    If xNod Is Nothing Then Exit Sub' Generally inside of a Treeview1_MouseDown(...) event, so they could click elsewhere
    Set Treeview1.DropHighlight = xNod' We want to highlight the node
    strKey = xNod.Key' And obtain the key
    ' Now we'll check everything else to see if this is a parent or grandparent (assume 3 levels)
    For i = 1 To Treeview1.Nodes.Count' We'll Loop through ALL the Nodes
        If Treeview1.Nodes(i).Parent.Key = strNodeKey or Treeview1.Nodes(i).Parent.Parent.Key = strNodeKey Then
            lngCount = lngCount + 1
            ReDim Preserve aryChildInfo(2, lngCount)
            aryChildKeys(1, lngCount) = Treeview1.Nodes(i).Key
         aryChildKeys(2, lngCount) = Treeview1.Nodes(i).Text
        End If
    ' Now we can process the aryChildInfo() array as we see fit

' All nodes in a Treeview have 2 basic properties:
    Node.Text -- The text displayed in the Treeview control
    Node.Key -- The assigned key -- used to attach children & perform other manipulations on the particular node.

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